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If you log on to the new site, please scroll to the bottom of the left-hand menu. 您将看到“信用卡”的链接." When you click this link, you will be taken to another website. 这绝对安全. Under "New User" register your 16-digit card number and will verify your identity. Once you are logged in, you will be able to view your statements and transactions.

用信用卡付款有几种方式. 你可以把它寄给TTCU,也可以寄给当地的分支机构. 你也可以将你的信用卡设置为在线支付账单. When you log in, please find the “Bill Pay” link on the left-hand menu. 这将带你到一个新的页面. You can register your credit card as a bill and set up a payment. We will of course waive any late fees if they occur because of the software upgrade.


是的. 一如既往地, TTCU will take every precaution to ensure the security of all members, 他们的账户信息, 并记录我们实施这个新系统的过程.


这个过程应该是无缝的很多工作都是在幕后进行的. Schedule your normal online activities for before the close of business, 星期五, 9月20日. 因为我们将在周末进行系统过渡, 星期五下班后,许多服务将无法提供, 9月20日, 直到星期一重新营业, 9月23日. 唯一的例外是我们的账单支付系统. Bill Pay will be unavailable to members between 星期五, 9月13日 to 星期五, 9月20日. Members will need to pay bills before or after the conversion date, Monday, 9月23日. We recommend that you look ahead regarding any financial matter and take care of any business before close of business 星期五, 9月13日.

How can I be sure that my account information will be correctly transferred to the new system?

We’ve been working within our new system in a test environment for several months. All of your data has been verified, balanced, tested, and reviewed to ensure accuracy.


会员将在九月份收到两份结算单. One statement will come from our old system, this statement will cut after 9月20日. The other will come from our new system, this statement will be from 9月20日-30. 如果成员丢失了声明或没有收到声明, TTCU will print said statement for members at no cost in branch.

这会影响我的帐号吗?? 他们会改变吗??

所有TTCU帐号将会更改. 这包括:存款账户, 贷款, 抵押贷款, 借记卡, and share certificates—Members will have one unique membership identification number that will link to all accounts owned by that member. All accounts currently denoted with suffixes will be converted to unique account numbers and fall under the membership ID number. 


是的. 所有现有的借记卡都将重新发行 with a new debit card expected to arrive 9月13日-20. These new 借记卡 will not be able to be activated until the day of conversion, Sept. 23. All current 借记卡 will remain active and in-use until 2 weeks after Sept. 23、这样就不会有损耗的用处. 9月9日之后订购的所有新借记卡. 3将于9月9日转换后发行. 23. 新的借记卡是发给新账户的卡, 首次使用TTCU借记卡, 遗失或被盗的信用卡需要补发. For members who are in need of a debit card in this time period, between Sept. 3、9月. 23, TTCU will offer a fee-waiver for a pre-paid visa card until 借记卡 can be distributed.


是的. 所有现有的借记卡都将重新发行. 你的新借记卡预计在9月13-20日到达. 从9月23日开始激活你的借记卡. 所有现有的借记卡在10月8日之前都是有效的.


是的. Your ATM card will be limited to $200 withdrawals for the weekend of conversion, 9月20日-23. New ATM cards will be issued and can be activated on 9月23日.

If I lose my debit or credit card on one of these days, what do I do?

联系信用社. 我们将提供一个临时的解决方案来满足您的需求.


是的. Members should have no problems continuing to use their existing checks.

Will my paycheck/Direct Deposit be accepted on 星期五, 9月20日? 我是否需要通知我的雇主?

是的,你的薪水会如期存入. 你没有必要联系你的雇主.

Will I be able to deposit my check using the mobile banking app during the closure?

No. Mobile banking will not be available while we implement the new system. 它将于9月23日星期一再次可用. Please do not make any deposits after 2:00 PM CST on 星期五, 9月20日.

Will my loan payment(s) be processed during this conversion period?

All loan payments set up for an automated transfer will process as usual through 星期五, 9月20日.


No. This service will not be available from the close of business, 星期五, 9月20日, 到周日, 9月22日. Transfers that have been scheduled ahead of time to run on Monday, 9月23日我们将重新开业.


是的, you will have to set up your external transfers in your online banking.


是的. ACH transactions will post based on settlement dates provided by the companies.

我设置了定期付款. 我需要重新安排这些付款吗?

Bill Pay will be unavailable to members between 星期五, 9月13日 to 星期五, 9月20日. Members will need to pay bills before or after the conversion date, Monday, 9月23日. We recommend that you look ahead regarding any financial matter and take care of any business before close of business 星期五, 9月13日. Members will need to re-enroll in online bill payment with our new system. 账单支付历史记录将不会被转换,但收款人将被转换.

Will a loan application from a Direct Dealer go through at this time?

是的. 只要申请人是TTCU会员即可, the loan application will be processed through normal procedures.

Will I be able to log into my 网上银行 to check the balance on my account(s)?

No, online banking will not be available from the close of business 星期五, 9月20日, 直到星期一重新营业, 9月23日.


是的. 您可以访问我们的网站, but online banking and forms will be unavailable after the close of business, 9月20日, 直到星期一重新营业, 9月23日.

Will my transaction history prior to the conversion be available after the conversion through online banking?

是的, your transaction history will load from January 2018 until current.


是的. For information on how to ensure a smooth transition of your data in Quicken, please refer to our 快速转换指南.


No. Mobile banking will not be available during this conversion period. 它将于9月23日开始与我们的新应用程序一起使用.


If you are on a mobile device or iOS tablet, please download our new app!

如果你用的是台式电脑, 移动PC, 或安卓平板电脑, 请透过本校网站登入网上银行.org


Our Member Service will be available normal business hours M-Th. 8:00AM-5:00PM中科 和星期五. 8:00AM-6:00PM中科.

If I put something in the Night Deposit box after close of business on 星期五, 9月20日, 什么时候可以办理?

Any item(s) put into a Night Deposit box after the close of business 星期五, 9月20日将在周一处理, 9月23日.

我需要电汇一笔. 我需要在星期五的什么时候提交申请?

All wire transfers request will need to be in by 3:00 PM CST 星期五, 9月20日. Wire transfer will then be unavailable until Monday, 9月23日.