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Pay-A-PersonPopmoney TTCU

Relax. No more IOUs.

Our Pay-A-Person feature lets you send and receive personal electronic payments to and from virtually anyone, using email and text messages. It’s a fast and easy person-to-person payment solution.

Sending and receiving money is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Pay-A-Person Step-by-Step Guide 

To send money: 

  1. Send to the recipient's email or mobile.
  2. They get notified to deposit their money.
  3. Done! Money goes directly to their bank account.

To request money:

  1. Request money from a person or group.
  2. They get notified to pay the request.
  3. Done! Money goes into your account automatically.

Ways to use Pay-A-Person

Here are just a few ways you could use Popmoney to make personal payments easier:

  • Pay your share of the rent or utility expenses to a roommate.
  • Pay a babysitter or dog walker.
  • Send money as a gift.
  • Split a cab ride.
  • Share travel expenses or split the cost of a vacation rental.
  • Pay the landscaper or a person who does other household chores.
  • Contribute money to a group gift or dinner.

TTCU members access the Pay-A-Person feature within the "Manage Money" tab in Online Banking. Once set up in Online Banking, you can this feature from your mobile device too! 

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