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保险 & 保护

Protect Your Investment

Your vehicle purchase is one of the biggest investments you will make. Protect your investment with these add-on products that can be financed into your loan, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses.

Guaranteed Asset 保护 (GAP) Coverage

GAP 保险 with TTCU

If your car is totaled or stolen and no recovered, your insurance company may only pay the actual cash value of your vehicle, an amount often less than your loan balance. With Guaranteed Asset 保护 (GAP), you won’t have to come up with the out-of-pocket cash to pay the loan principal deficit. No one wants to continue to make loan payments on a car that no longer exists or can’t be used!

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Extended Warranty 保护

Extended Warranty 保护 for your TTCU loan

Repair bills can be costly. With any vehicle, there is always a chance of having a major mechanical breakdown. An Extended Warranty helps you enjoy your new purchase without worrying about expensive repairs. You can buy an extended auto warranty at any time, even after the original manufacturer’s warranty has expired. It is available on new and used cars.

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支付保护 on your TTCU 贷款

生活 is unpredictable but your finances don’t have to be. In the case of disability, involuntary unemployment or even death, our debt protection program may cancel your loan balance or monthly loan payments without penalty or added interest. We all worry about things that might happen tomorrow. There’s relief in knowing your loan will not become a burden to you or your family in times of hardship.

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If you need assistance or have questions, call us and ask to speak with a loan representative at 800-622-2535, Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm (CT) or email




TTCu is proud to offer TruStage保险 Agency’s products and programs to help members protect what matters most. Easily priceshop your auto & home insurance rates with the TruStage 汽车 & 房屋保险. Consider adding optional benefits like:

  • Accident Forgiveness: Your rates won't rise due to your first accident.1
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance; a tow or jumpstart is a phone call away.2
  • Better Car Replacement: With this optional feature, you can replace a totaled car with one that's one model year newer.3

This coverage is underwritten by Liberty Mutual 保险. Call 1-800-779-7905 for a no-obligation quote.

If you prefer to establish a relationship with a local agent, contact:保险的选择 at TTCU

安东尼 Trepka, Liberty Mutual Representative
Phone: 615-371-6471, ext. 55532
电子邮件: 安东尼

安东尼 can provide members with an exclusive 10% discount on the following insurance products:

  • 汽车
  • 家庭/公寓
  • 水上摩托
  • 摩托车、沙滩车
  • 租房者
  • 旅游房车/露营者
  • 伞覆盖
  • 贵重物品
  • 和更多的!

Average annual savings is based on countrywide survey of new customer from 01/27/2014-01/16/2015 who reported their prior insurers' premiums when they switched to Liberty Mutual's group auto & 国内项目. Individual premiums and savings will vary.

  1. To qualify for Accident Forgiveness, you must be accident-free for five years, 在大多数州, have no received a driving violation for the past five years. Subject to terms and conditions of Liberty Mutual's underwriting guidelines.
  2. Valid with the purchase of optional Towing & 劳动保险. Applies to mechanical breakdowns and disablements only. Towing related to accidents would be covered under your Collision or Comprehensive coverage.
  3. Applies to a total covered loss. Does not apply to leased vehicles or motorcycles. 扣除适用.