The Tennessee Credit Union
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What is TTCU's routing number?
Routing Number: 264080853
An RTN or routing transit number is the nine digit bank code that appears at the bottom of checks that identifies the financial institution on which it is drawn.

Is there an annual fee to join the Credit Union?

没有办法! The only requirement is that you deposit $25 (purchase of 5 shares) and keep that amount in your savings account at all times – and that money is always yours. If you ever decide to close your accounts, you get that initial $25 back. But we’re sure you’ll be so happy with your Credit Union membership that you would never want to leave!

How is a Credit Union different from a bank?
The business structure of a credit union is different from that of a bank. Whereas both are simply financial institutions offering an array of financial products and services, credit unions operate on a not-for-profit basis. Any profits made by the Credit Union are returned to the members – essentially the “shareholders” of the Credit Union – in the form of great savings rates, 低融资利率, improved technology and delivery channels, 方便的访问. And because members are shareholders, they can rest assured that they’ll receive top-notch service. Another key difference is that the Board of Directors for a credit union is made up of unpaid volunteers with deep-rooted connections to the common bond shared by the group for which the Credit Union was created.

How do I join The Tennessee Credit Union?
12bet游戏平台很容易. 点击这里 to complete our online membership application. 访问任何 TTCU分支 to speak with a member service representative who will be pleased to help you and any of your family members join the credit union. Everyone should experience the credit union difference. If you represent a company or small business, we invite you to join the TTCU family too! 点击这里 to learn more, request an appointment or complete a partner application.

What is a Select Employee Group (SEG)?
You may have heard the term, Select Employee Group or SEG. We prefer to use 业务 Partners to describe the companies that have joined with us to offer credit union membership eligibility to their employees – at no cost and without any administrative responsibilities. TTCU Partner Companies receive specialized attention when it comes to banking matters, all provided at no cost to you or your business. It’s an employee benefit that won’t cost you a dime. 点击这里 to learn more, request an appointment or complete a partner application.

What is my 网上银行 login information?
If you have already enrolled and were assigned login information, but you have forgotten your password, please take the following steps:

  • Enter your 用户ID and click "Log In" as normal.
  • Click on "Forget your password?" and follow the directions on your screen.
  • If you are still unsuccessful, contact your local branch or call 800-622-2535 to have your password reset. You will be asked several verification questions to confirm your identity.

If you have not already enrolled, simply click the 网上银行登录 button above. Then select “Sign Up Now!”and follow the enrollment instructions on your screen. If you have any difficulties, please call 800-622-2535 for assistance.

How do I activate my TTCU Debit Card or reset/change my PIN?
To activate your TTCU Debit Card or change/reset your PIN, call 866-985-2273. You will be asked a series of identifying questions in order to validate and confirm your identity. This is an automated, menu-driven system. If you have any questions or concerns, contact TTCU Member Services at 800-622-2535 (Monday-Thursday, 上午8:30 -下午5点或周五, 上午8:30 -下午6:00, 中部时间). 

Where can I get more information on the services I read about on this site?
Call or visit your local branch for more information. All of our branches throughout the state are full-service and are prepared to assist you with any of the services that interest you. 点击这里 for a list of TTCU分支.

Are there fees to use 网上银行 and 分期付款 services?
All TTCU members receive these services at no extra charge. Consider it a benefit of membership.

If you have more questions, please 12bet游戏平台.